Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to join a committee?
Active, Affiliate (except international) and Resident ASCM members in the United States may also join a committee or group.  Participation is not mandatory.

Which committee should I join?
In general, you may join any committee as a physician, except the Affiliates Council. Affiliate members are limited to participation in non-physician-only committees. Please contact ASCM for more information.

Can I join more than one committee or board?
Yes, however, some ASCM committees or board positions require special nomination.

I am retiring. Can I continue my ASCM membership?
Yes, you can apply for Retired membership status if:

  • You have been an Active Physician or Affiliate Executive for 20 or more years (excluding years as a Resident), and retired from practice or employment.
  • You have reached the age of 70.
  • You are an active member of ASCM and disabled, and therefore unable to engage in professional practice for one year or more.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still join ASCM?
Yes, as an Affiliate Member who resides outside of the United States.

Does ASCM offer a corporate membership?
No, ASCM is an individual membership organization.

How do I submit my application?
Access the membership application online, then submit it electronically to:

Or mail it to:

American Society of Cannabis Medicine
1061 American Lane
Alexandria, VA 20202

The ASCM will formally notify you of your pending application. Once the Society approves your application, ASCM will notify you of acceptance. In the case of international membership, ASCM also will notify you when your application is approved. You will be billed for membership upon acceptance of your application.

Dues and Payment

How much are dues?
Annual dues vary depending on membership type:

  • Active Physician Member: $275
  • Affiliate Member: $275
  • Researcher Member: $175
  • Physicians Assistant (w/active): $125
  • Medical Student: $75
  • (Retired, Life, Honorary – dues waived)

How do I pay my ASCM dues?
You may pay your ASCM dues in are several convenient ways :

  • Pay with a credit card online. ASCM accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Call 202-753-2650, ext. 825 and use a credit card by phone.
  • Mail a check to: American Society of Cannabis Medicine.
  • Use the voucher on your ASCM scholarship letter and submit according to the instructions on the voucher.

Where can I find my membership number? 

  • On your membership card.
  • On the Journal of Cannabis Medicine, above your name on the label.
  • Contact Member Services at 202-380-9575, ext. 825.

How do I change my contact information?
Please call the Member Services Department at 202-753-2650, ext. 825.

You may also e-mail information to If you move from one state to another or have questions about changing your committee membership, please contact ASCM at 202-380-9575, ext. 825.


Governance and Volunteering at ASCM

What is the governance structure at ASCM? 
ASCM is governed by its Board and advised by its House of Delegates and Board of Regents. The Board, House of Delegates, and Board of Regents meet each year during the Society’s annual Leadership and Advocacy Symposium.

During the interim, ASCM’s Board of Directors exercises authority to manage the Society’s business and financial affairs through a contracted professional management company, which superintends and directs publication and distribution of all official documents, journals, and reports (consistent with Board policies). The Board meets three times each year.

The Society also has many special committees of the nation’s outstanding physicians and executives. All work to implement and complement the Society’s goals at national and community levels.

The ASCM staff in works primarily in Washington, D.C.

How do I join an ASCM committee? 
The process for nominating and appointing ASCM members to standing committees follows an annual cycle (roughly November to October) and includes review and input from ASCM’s leadership, committee chairs, and members, subspecialties, and aligned associations and  societies.

Most of ASCM’s committees are volunteer applied and accepted by the staff, board, or chair based on group structure. Nominations for the House of Delegates and Board of Regents are welcomed and encouraged. Please see specific sections for criteria.

Throughout the year self-nomination and colleague-nomination instructions are posted to the ASCM website in the members only section, or in publications. Follow the instructions on the form to submit it to ASCM. Curricula vitae are not necessary but can be sent separately to the ASCM executive office.

Only ASCM members in good standing may serve as regular or adjunct members on ASCM committees. This includes Active, Affiliate, Researcher, Medical Student, Physicians Assistant, and Retired members and depends on the committee’s needs. Consultants, review members and ex-officio members may be appointed as needed, and may or may not be ASCM members.