ASCM Summit

ASCM SUMMIT – BOCA RATON, Florida November 19, 2019

On November 19, 2019, a number of leading ASCM Physicians and practices from across the country will participate in the sixth installment of 2019 ASCM Summit. We are excited about this healthy forum for exchange designed to enable us to serve our patients even better. By joining forces and taking advantage of expertise and sharing of best practices at the Summit, we will have new tools and resources to provide an even higher level of care than anyone could as individuals.

Our goal is simply to offer, and advance our  members’ understanding of, our “Excellence” and  “Patient First” programs.

Summit attendees will discuss cannabis medicine and align it with practice-management tools and techniques that will elevate even the best practices. They will learn from expert-guided discussions on how patients will benefit from more efficient, streamlined processes, the power of technology, patient-centered care, and how all of this will help ASCM members serve our community even better.

The ASCM Summit connects you to the latest information, research and technology while giving you face-to-face interactions with more of your peers, thought leaders, and cannabis providers from around the country. To learn about or register for the Summit, contact the ASCM Member Services at, or call 202-380-9575, ext. 850.