ASCM Federal Legislation Guide

ASCM Federal Legislative Guide

The ASCM Federal Legislative Guide is designed to help federal policymakers understand important issues regarding medical cannabis, and support constituents’ medical treatment. Each of the guide’s four core policy areas—education, state legislation, constituent benefit, and health care—provides:

  • Specific policy ideas from ASCM-aligned experts on how legislators can put their constituents’ medical needs on a sustainable path that supports them and maximizes freedom.
  • A “quick reference” list of state cannabis laws and programs assembled by ASCM staff for each state, offering an in-depth analysis and report for easy reference.
  • Contact information for the ASCM-aligned experts in specific research areas.

Our hope is that the ideas in this guide will help federal policymakers tackle the key issues they face concerning federal legislation, as more states enact medical-cannabis initiatives in a manner that expands individual liberty, promotes free markets, and protects constituents’ medical rights.

If you have any questions about the 2019 State Legislative Guide, or would like ASCM to forward a copy to you, please contact Of contact us at 202-380-9575, ext. 275.