ASCM House of Delegates

The ASCM House of Delegates

The House of Delegates is ASCM’s principal policy-making/guidance body and functions like a Congress. State medical societies/associations and national specialty societies/associations, along with general ASCM members, are represented in the House. During House meetings all delegates advocate for resolutions and reports on a variety of issues of interest to cannabis medicine.

The House of Delegates will work to pass resolutions and issue position statements dealing with:

  • General medicine.
  • Medical liability reform.
  • Research.
  • Expert-witness qualifications and affirmation statements.
  • Studying cannabis-medicine practices to determine their impact on the health care system.
  • Development of patient quality and safety principles for related practices. 
  • Timely topics affecting practice specialties.

All ASCM Delegates are leaders/advisors in the Society, which is managed by Board and professional management company and staff.

HOD Caucuses provide an opportunity for all physicians and HOD members to meet and discuss resolutions and reports, and take in an educational session focusing on a topic of interest to their specialty.

HOD nominations follow the the same protocol outlined in the Board of Regents criteria.

Nominations must be submitted to For questions, please contact us at 202-380-9575, ext. 825.