ASCM Board of Regents

Board of Regents

The American Society of Cannabis Medicine’s primary functioning Advisory Board is the ASCM Board of Regents.  The group is made up of Society members, who serve at the Board’s direction and are selected through the nomination process described below.  The Board of Regents consists of member doctors (as outlined below), and up to six additional non-medical subject-area experts.

The American Society of Cannabis Medicine (ASCM) Nominating Fellows Committee (NFC) selects members for these advisory leadership positions in the Society.

Physician Members Criteria for Consideration

The NFC will use the following guidelines when considering potential candidates:

  • Nominees must be loyal members of the Society who have demonstrated outstanding integrity and an unquestioned devotion to the highest principles of medical practice.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated leadership qualities, such as service and active participation in their community on ASCM or other medical societies/colleges/association committees or in other components of such groups.
  • The ASCM encourages consideration of women and minorities for all leadership positions.

All nominations must include the following:

  • A letter/letters of nomination.
  • A personal statement from the candidate detailing his or her service and interest in the position of Board of Regents member.
  • A current curriculum vitae (CV).
  • The name of one individual who can serve as a reference.
Further Details

Entities like state and local societies/associations, ASCM Advisory Councils, ASCM committees, and ASCM members or outside groups that would like to provide a letter of recommendation must provide a description of their group and relationship to nominee. Non-medical nominees should provide the same details as applicable to their specific area of expertise.  Interested applicants/nominees should request the ASCM Board of Regents Nomination Kit via phone or email. Final applications submitted without the requested information are not considered. Nominations must be submitted to For questions, contact us at 202-380-9575, ext. 825.

The ASCM Board of Regents process for selecting nominees is announced annually in January. All applications/nominations should be received no later that March 1st of that year. All newly selected Board of Regents members will be announced at the National ASCM Board of Regents meeting held during the annual ASCM Legislative Symposium in April in Washington, D.C.