ASCM Registry

ASCM National Prescription Registry Platform

The American Society of Cannabis Medicine has partnered with the EM2P2 platform to create the ASCM National Prescription Registry. The Society’s desire to stand as the preeminent group for the nation’s top medical professionals drove us to add this powerful resource as a member service. As part of the ASCM Excellence Program, the registry is provided to all active ASCM members as a member benefit at no cost to the physician or the practice.

This powerful platform is a timely solution: Safeguarding Society Members against unwanted events, and so much more.

Tracking patient prescriptions and ensuring they are processed, recorded, and reported correctly is “mission critical” for ASCM members. It’s just as important for members to monitor prescription administration.

Prescription management is a team effort requiring collaboration between physicians, nurses, and dispensaries. This is even more important as organizations move to coordinated, patient-centered care—treating both mind and body issues.

To provide safe and effective care, ASCM members need solutions and tools that deliver safe and timely patient information to all providers involved in an individual’s treatment. Doing this in an ever-changing landscape can be very difficult. Today over 30 states are involved with cannabis medicine. Each has its own rules, procedures and protocols. The custom Registry is built on a leading edge HIPAA-compliant SAS platform designed specifically with the ASCM member in mind. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, so ASCM decided to provide its members with a system that works in all states and provides the necessary tools demanded by the most professional practices.

We provide a medication-management, prescription-management, and e-prescribing software platform that includes:

  • Order entry
  • e-Prescribing
  • Dispensary selection and submission
  • Medication administration
  • Ordering and monitoring
  • State-specific compliance tools

We equip ASCM members and their staff with real-time decision support, providing a critical safeguard against potential adverse events or abuses. Using the management software solution, provides easily reconciled care settings and management. With e-prescribing software, prescriptions can be sent electronically to outside dispensaries eliminating handwritten scripts and the risks they portend. The Registry provides an integrated, closed-loop management system featuring comprehensive tools for those involved in medication delivery, whether ordering, verifying, dispensing, or administering cannabis medications.

These solutions allow you to feed data back into the system. With the data at your fingertips, you can easily make improvements and changes in a patient’s course of care. To learn more about the Registry click here.