ASCM Excellence Program

Leading Quality and Improvement Through Excellence

“ASCM Excellence” means improving the quality of medical care—leading to greater access for patients, fewer complications, and better outcomes, thus lowering the cost of care.

The American Society of Medical Cannabis (ASCM) is leading physicians to strive for excellence through our patient-interaction programs. The ASCM Excellence Program is a patient-centric care model. A comprehensive suite of services, resources and tools that help you deliver care through involvement, education, consultation, engagement and economics.

ASCM spearheads leading national initiatives to improve quality in patient care, and expand the appropriate use of medical cannabis. ASCM’s enduring commitment to quality is reflected in the many initiatives it has developed, including:

  • The ASCM Committee for Patient Excellence.
  • The ASCM Commission on Pain Management.
  • The ASCM Committee for Doctor-Driven Advocacy.
  • Bringing the ASCM Excellence Program to our members (ASCM Excellence), which fosters a “Patient First” practice approach with subsequent expansion and improvement.
  • In Summer 2018, the Board of Regents begins to guide best practices of “Excellence.”
  • In Fall 2018, the first ASCM House of Delegates will be seated to help position “Excellence” through position and declaration statements
  • In late 2018, ASCM will establish credentialing programs, including the National Accreditation Program for Cannabis Practice (NAPCP), which supports credentialing of companion medical and delivery groups.

These initiatives are designed to measurably improve quality of care, prevent complications, reduce costs, and improve lives. The fundamentals in our programs, such as accreditation and exclusive access to the premier national prescription-processing platform provided for ASCM members, are essential elements in improving care.

Based on our Excellence Programs, ASCM has identified four key principles required to measurably improve quality of care and increase value:

  • Commit to excellence and set the standards.
  • Build the right program infrastructure and support.
  • Use and share the right information and data.
  • Verify with outside experts both domestically and internationally.

Learn more about the role ASCM leadership plays in quality—particularly through our four principles of quality improvement—and how our quality programs can help you improve quality of care for your patients.

Our manual of key practices will be released in summer 2018—ASCM Practice Excellence—to guide physicians in leading quality improvement and patient-focused efforts in their institutions, departments, and practices. This collaborative manual from multiple contributing authors draws on principles for achieving practice excellence.

ASCM Inspiring Excellence Initiative

ASCM Inspiring Excellence initiative is designed to raise awareness of these and other innovative programs. By working together with healthcare leaders around the nation and publicly advocating the ASCM Excellence Program, we will continue to significantly impact care improvement and will help lead our healthcare system in the right direction.

For information, please reach out to the development team at, or call 202-380-9575, ext. 850.