ASCM Member Grassroots

Be a Part of the Grassroots

Legislative Action Center

ASCM’s Legislative Action Center makes it easy to become an advocate for your practice and the broad value of cannabis medicine. Lend your voice to the policy discussion with the ASCM Legislative Action Center.

Become a Key Doctor – Join the Clarion Project

Key Doctors  focus on developing close, personal relationships with elected officials at the state and federal levels. If you already have this type of relationship with your representatives, becoming a Key Doctor is easy. If not, the ASCM has tools and resources to help you raise your visibility, benefiting you, your practice, and the impact/success of cannabis medicine.

Attend ASCM’s Leadership and Advocacy Symposium

ASCM’s brings industry leaders together in Washington, D.C. each year to promote, advocate for, and directly educate on cannabis medicine before Congress and the Administration. The Symposium provides a forum for ASCM members to speak with one voice about the topics that really matter to cannabis-medicine practitioners, including patient access, quality of patient care, research, and other issues.  To participate please visit

Invaluable Benefits:

  • Advance the specialty by participating in effective advocacy efforts at the national and local level, including grassroots initiatives.
  • Collaborate and network with peers and thought leaders in the field of Cannabis Medicine.
  • Educate your local media, policymakers, and the public about patient-centered, physician-led care and the role cannabis medicine plays in patients’ lives with the Cannabis Making a Difference Physician Patient Excellence® toolkit, media-relations and social-media support, and free downloadable patient-education brochures.
  • Strengthen your résumé, get involved, and gain leadership experience through faculty and presenter opportunities at ASCM meetings, editorial boards, committees, and focus groups.
  • ASCM will succeed in reforming/expanding contemporary views of cannabis in patient care because of our physicians’ quality and engagement. Our efforts are geared to shape the national legislative landscape and lead efforts to attain a national policy by 2020—by being the “go-to” national resource for education and policy-making information. We strive to act as medical-based education resource. While ASCM is not directly involved with government affairs, it is a beacon for all stakeholders.
Stay in Contact

Nurture relationships with your federal and state representatives. Easy ways to stay in contact include:

  • Send an email using ASCM’s Legislative Action Center.
  • Attend a town-hall meeting in your city or state.
  • Visit your representatives in their district or state offices.
Be Involved

For more information about getting involved at the grassroots level, including help becoming a Key Doctor or scheduling a site visit, please reach out to ASCM’s Legislative Center at or call  202-380-9575, ext. 875.